FAQ (Collingwood Ball Hockey Ltd)

Q: What equipment is needed?
A: Mandatory equipment: hockey helmet with face mask, hockey gloves, shin pads (soccer work best), proper running shoes, hockey stick. **Adult's Division does not have to wear shin pads or face mask.**
A: Recommended equipment: jock/jill, elbow pads

Q: How long does the season last?
A: 2023 season will begin May 23rd and we play every week until the end of July.
A: 2022 season began early May and went until the last week of July.

Q: Myself or my child have never played before, does that matter?
A: We welcome players of all ages and skill level!

Q: Do I need to go on the floor with my child for Timbits Learn to Play?

A: You do not need to but it is encouraged to help assist with your child if they need a water break, washroom break or just need extra support.

Q: Will jerseys be provided?

A: Yes, each player will receive their own t-shirt (Learn to Play) or jersey which each player will get to keep.

Q: My jersey is too large, what can I do?

A: The jersey is yours to keep so you can bring in the arms or elbow if you wish. You are NOT allowed to cut off the sleeves.

Q: How long are the games?

A: Learn to play is 45 minutes
A: Tyke & Novice Division are 3, 10 minute periods with a buzzer every 2 minutes for line changes
A: Atom, Peewee, Bantam Division are 3, 10 minute stop time periods
A: Adult Division are 2, 16 minute stop time periods

Q: Is there overtime?
A: All youth games will end in a tie in regular season. Men's Division will go directly to a shootout.
A: All playoff games will play a sudden death overtime period prior to a shootout, if necessary.

Q: How do offsides work and what is this floating blue line?

A: Ball Hockey offsides are different from ice hockey...When the ball crosses the defending team's blue line, the attacking team is onside. The attacking team then has the entire zone up to the center line with which to work the ball around and still be considered onside. Once the ball crosses the center red line the attacking zone is "lost" and the attacking team's players must clear (retreat past) the defending team's blue line and have the ball enter past the defending team's blue line to be considered onside again.

Q: How many practices are there?

A: Tyke,Novice,Atom & Peewee/Bantam will have 1 practice at the start of the year. Remainder of season are games

Q: Are games full surface?

A: Yes, all games are full surface

Q: How do playoffs work?
A: Once the regular season is complete, playoffs will be 1vs4, 2vs3 with the winner advancing to Championship game and loser of each game playing in the Consolation Championship. Each series will be 1 game.