Rules (Collingwood Ball Hockey Ltd)


All teams will follow the below rules for the 2023 Collingwood Ball Hockey season & refer to the OBHA_Rulebook.

Input is encouraged from fellow players. Contact Greg Weeks, 705-606-0183, [email protected]

•Each player will sign up as an individual and teams will be made after that. You will be notified a few days prior to opening night. League begins early to mid May and goes until the end of July.

•To be eligible for the provincial team or any OBHA tournament, you must play in a minimum of five regular season games. A selection committee will choose the team.

•No players will be able to join after the 4th regular season week. All teams will have a maximum of 16 players (including goalie). In the result that a team has lost players then an overruling may be made and additional players may be added. Each player must play a minimum of 3 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.

•No player will be allowed to play for another team unless a particular team only has 6 runners total (goalie not included). A player from another team may be used to act as a seventh runner. If however, the team’s regular seventh player shows up, the additional player will no longer be able to play.
   - This option will not be available in the playoffs.
   - If a goalie is unable to attend, another goalie may play in their place (not applicable during playoffs)

• All adult games will be two, 16 minute stop-time periods.

• All U8 (Tyke) and U10 (Novice) games will be three, 10 minute periods with the buzzer every 2 minutes. Players are not allowed to double shift unless:
   - The team has 9 players or fewer
   - Other team members don't want to go out on the floor due to sickness, exhaustion or just not wanting to play anymore
   * If a player does double shift due to an above reason, a player cannot be on the floor for 3 consecutive shifts.
   * No exceptions for playoffs or overtime games.

• All games for U13 (Atom) and U17 (Peewee/Bantam) will be three, 10 minute stop time periods with changes on the fly.

• All playing times for Learn to Play will be be drills, skill development and mini games.

• All whistles will result in a faceoff.
• Tie games at the end of regulation will be decided by a 3 player shootout for Men's Division. Losing team receives 1 point. Winning team receives 2 points. All Youth Divisions will end in a tie.

• Icing will occur when the ball is shot before the team’s red line. Offsides will follow the "floating blueline" offside

• High sticking the ball will be a 2 minute penalty for Men's Division. All Youth Divisions will result in a faceoff in the defensive end of the offending team. All minor and major penalties will be called as per OMHA rules.

• Any three infractions by one player will result in ejection from that game.

End of season tie-breaking procedure.

1. Number of wins (in regulation)

2. Head to Head results

3. Percentage from: Total Goals for divided by Goals for + Goals Against

** Any fighting will result in an automatic suspension for the remainder of the current season, as well as the full year for the following season.

We do have two changes to the playing rules as part of the OBHA Rowan’s Law initiative:

1)      Any player in Men’s Ball Hockey born in 2001 or younger must wear full facial protection beginning with the 2020 season.

2)      Any player assessed a double minor penalty (2+2) for deliberate Head Contact will also be assessed an automatic 10 minute Misconduct.